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After choosing your tint package, you can purchase it and schedule your installation appointment using your confirmation email. If you’re not ready to schedule your appointment, that’s fine – you can do that at a later date. Also, you don’t need to choose the shade of your tint right now – you will do that when you arrive for your appointment.


Classic Series

When it’s all about the look of your vehicle and a style you want to project, the go-to choice is Classic Series. Check out the video below.


CTX Series

This first generation ceramic-based window film offers really good solar heat reduction & UV reduction. Take a minute and check out the video.


Pinnacle Series

Our Most Popular Package

This second generation ceramic-based window film not only offers great solar heat reduction, it now reduces IR heat rays, as well. This was the first film to start doing this. Be sure and watch the video and check out the incredible warranty it comes with.


Stratos Series

This third generation ceramic film is a Hybrid-Matrix Dual Ceramic material that offers huge IR absorbing properties along with incredible Solar Heat reduction. The video will explain it a lot better.


Air Series

Want all the heat and UV reduction benefits without making your windows darker? This is the film for you. Check out the video, and we will explain it. FYI, this is great for windshields.


Don’t forget about your tint package add-ons!

Express Roll Down

Don’t want to wait for your window to roll down? This add-on will allow you to roll them down as soon as you leave.

Windshield Strip

Tired or squinting while driving into direct sunlight? This add-on will eliminate the glare.

No-Fault Warranty

This warranty covers all of life’s accidents: scratches, nicks, tears, and even tint replacement if your window is broken out. This add-on is included in our Pinnacle and Stratos Packages.