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Why would I choose ceramic window tint?

I want to answer a question I am asked all the time… Why would I choose ceramic window tint?

As many of you know, I have been in the window tinting business for over 25 years, and there has always been that one stigma – TINT WILL MAKE MY WINDOWS TO DARK.

With the introduction of Ceramic window films it has allowed my customers who normally would not tint their windows due to the fear of vision problems, and the one’s who say “I just don’t like the look of tinted windows” to now get their car tinted, and recieve all the benefits of tint without darkening the glass.

I would not say, it outperforms metallic and non metallic films, but it does allow all the benefits while maintaining a clearer view.

Keep in mind, ceramic is not for everyone. If you like darker windows for privacy, & looks, this material is just not for you.

What the ceramic material really does, is gives you as much heat reduction as ultra dark or “limo” tint, without really changing the look or shade of your windows. This can make your vehicle safer for kids and pets.

It’s a little bit more expensive, but if you need it, it’s worth it.

If you would like to talk about it more, give me or Yancy a call, we will be happy to explain it in more detail. Your comments are welcomed below.

— Greg Goodman, Owner / General Manager


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One Response to “Why would I choose ceramic window tint?”

  • Mike Smith:

    Too dark..not to dark. anyway, I used you guys last week and y’all were great.I got the ceramic tint at the Hulen location. Did a great job

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